Birthday Giveaway 2012

Hello, hello! Thanks to you all, I had a fabulous birthday last Sunday. I was overwhelmed by the greetings I got from friends (both old and new) and family alike. I even got some greetings from you, my blog readers. I was very, very happy.

To give back to you guys, I’m hosting this birthday giveaway to make you happy as well. Thank you so much to SM Girls Teen Wear for providing some of the products that I will be giving away.

Now, let’s go through your prizes one by one. There will only be one winner for this giveaway and he/she will get the following:

1. Elf 32-piece palette – This palette contains 32 warm shades that are perfect for everyday wear.

2. Elf All Over Color Stick – This versatile color stick can be used on your cheeks, eyes, and lips for that beautiful pink glow. The color for this one is called Pink Lemonade.

3. Elf Nail Polish – I fell in love at first site when I saw this nail polish at CodenameAya‘s blog. It comes in pearly coral shade that’s oh so pretty!

4. Maybelline Lippies – Get deliciously fruity lips with Maybelline’s Fruit Jelly Lippies in Cherry Kiss and Tempting Toffee.

5. SM GTW USBs – I don’t know with you but I keep losing my USBs because I don’t know where I put them. Perhaps with these USB bracelets, you’ll have a better chance of not losing them.

6. Bonus Coupons and Key Chain – As a bonus, you will also get these discount coupons from SM GTW. For every purchase of PHP1,000 at the SM Department Store Teens section, you get PHP100 off. They also threw in a cute lipstick keychain for you. 🙂

Now for the mechanics, the basic requirements are as follows:

1. Like Mich Eats and Shops Blog and SM GTW on Facebook.

2. Follow @purpledamaris (me) and SM GTW on Twitter.

3. Log your entries on my Rafflecopter app on Facebook and unlock more options to gain more entries.

This giveaway will run until August 10 so watch out for the announcement then. 🙂

Good luck everyone!!!

149 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway 2012

  1. It’s also my birthday month! 🙂 birthday wish for myself? Mm since I’m into the Fifty Shades Trilogy right now, maybe a complete set of the books? 😉


  2. im going 29 this august 02,and my birthday wish is “peace on earth” haha.. mmmmm a xoxo aviator shades,dying to have one!


  3. Birthday wish for myself would be to continue to never give up on the things that i want and just strive more! And… A HUGE Korean cosmetics haul! ;))


  4. my birthday wish for myself is that we will be able to pay all our debts and have enough savings for the education of my son.


  5. I just celebrated my birthday too, last week..:) same month 😀
    My birthday wish is to pass all my subject this sem..XD
    to be able to graduate..


  6. my birthday wish is to have a healthy mind and body pra sa mga chikiting q and to have some presents nman kc kpg ngdedemand aq from my hubby, he used to say, “o ayan n ang mga anak mo d p ba gift yan”..hehe patawa..


  7. my birthday wish is a KFC Party!Im 34, pero gusto kong matry mag party man lang sa labas.I can count using the fingers on one hand how many bday parties i’ve had, and they are all at home 🙂 hehehehe


  8. My birthday wish for this coming august is a safe , hassle free and enjoyable trip to singapore, malaysia and indonesia tour.


  9. My bday wish for myself including my family is to gain more business partners. Kasi kapag dumami na ang partners namin, lalaki ang kita, maalagaan ko na ang baby ko at ang health namin, may income pa without so much effort.


  10. My birthday wish for myself, safety and good health for all my loved ones. More strength to face all the challenges that lies ahead of me. And for the material things. Lord knows that I am so dreaming to have a laptop/netbook , IPAD and a new digital camera. 🙂


  11. My birthday wish would definitely be a healthier body and a more focused and clutter free mind! And to pass my 1stt year in med school!


  12. Happy birthday doll!
    My birthday wish is of course to finish Medicine and become a doctor so I can be God’s equipment of healing people. =D


  13. I’m celebrating my birthday this August. And all I really want is a new Roxy pink watch and a dinner date with my parents, husband and kid. 🙂


  14. A belated birthday to you. Thank you for hosting yet another fun event very kind of you. My birthday wish is to have good health for my family spend time with them for a long time and find the confident booster in life. Best wishes to you always.


  15. My birthday wish is good health for me and for my love one’s and to pursue what i wanted and planed! thanks and bl8ted happy birthday to you 🙂


  16. my birthday wish… hmmm… my birthday passed na, pero just the same 😛 i hope that my super ‘torpe’ crush at work starts doing his move na! nakakasawa na maghintay sa kanya, eh parati ko naman siyang nahuhuling nakatitig sakin! kung alam niya lang na crush ko din siya ;))


  17. Hi! Happy Birthday! My birthday would be next week Aug 9, and i just wish a happiness and good health for my family. We can achieve things but not the good health and happiness we get when we were together with our family. Thanks for this Giveaway! God BLess!


  18. I can’t thank God enough for everything He showered me and my family. My only wish at this point in my life is to have good health and more time. More time to do all the things I planned to do, and to be healthy enough to take care of my parents til they are old and gray.


  19. my birthday wish? To celebrate it with my happy family. Just a simple celebration would do.. More blessings to come on us. ♥


  20. I don’t wish anything now for myself, maybe because I find contentment in whatever God pours on me. My birthday wish is more for everyone specially now that our country’s in a deluge. May we all be safe and well 🙂


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