OOTD: Cheetah in Spandex

Happy Sunday, everyone! And, to all the mother out there, Happy Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone’s having a great time today bonding with family. As for me, I had a surprise gift delivered to my mom because she’s in the province, several miles away from where I am at the moment.

Anyway, I thought I’d post last Friday’s outfit today. I meant to do this post yesterday but I just felt so lazy. Instead, I spent yesterday in bed til it was time to go out for dinner with my aunt. We dropped by a salon in UP Diliman to have our nails done then we were off to All You Can Eat Korean Barbecue at Don-Day. Second time this week to go there. I do feel like such a pig! (More reason to exercise!)

Enough with the babbling and on to the outfit:

I’m so loving that spandex leggings I got from Topshop. You would think it would feel sticky and hot but I was surprised by how comfortable and breathable they were. I didn’t feel sweaty at all. I paired it with my sheer Cheetah-print top from Gelibean Couture and wedges from Payless. The silver necklace was from St. Francis Square.

My workmate Lei and I took these photos at the office late in the afternoon when very few people were left so I was able to be a bit more playful. 😀 Otherwise, I would be too shy. 😀

That’s basically it! See you all again tomorrow! 🙂

12 thoughts on “OOTD: Cheetah in Spandex

  1. I am inlove with the spandex leggings!! but im super hesitant to wear pants and leggings because they feel icky. that’s why you seldom see me in jeans on my OOTDs. hehe 🙂 you look like you’re ready to rock any party mich!


    1. Yeah, I feel the same about jeans and leggings but this one was very breathable. Didn’t feel icky at all!!! 😀


  2. Love how laid back yet still fierce this outfit looks! 😀 I’m all for loose sheer tops, and I’m really digging your spandex leggings! ❤ I'd love to buy one for myself, pero short-legged ako and heavy bottom so I don't think it'd look flattering on me.. 😦 Btw, hope I get to try Don-Day soon!


    1. Try muna to see what it looks like on you 😀 I think Promod sells them for much cheaper than Topshop 🙂 I was in Don-day ulit yesterday. hahah


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